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My professional titIe is 'graphic designer & art director' but sometimes I feel confined by it. I also like experimenting and trying to bring my thoughts to life.

this is my romantic bio since 1997:

When I was a child I spent most of my spare time drawing, painting and copying text books. And exploring my garden, creating magic potions (..)

When I was about 10/11 yo my mom took me to a ceramic painting course in our small Italian town. There I met Claudia, a woman who was around my mum's age, who had created around her an art group of elderly women. I painted with them until I was about 15/16 yo and then continued by myself.


here some of my paintings on ceramic:

pappagalli ceramicceramic
aquila ceramic
pesce rosso ceramic
altro pesce ceramic

Her way of teaching was so simple: just try to copy what you see. What’s next to the subject? And what’s behind? Where does the light came from? How can you recreate the light effects on the water with a brush?

look, understand, think, recreate. You’ve made a mistake? You can correct it. 

In 2011 I started high school and I chose the science path because I also really like science. And at the time I pictured my future self as a neuroscientist or as some medical figure.

These are some of the paintings I made during high school

ghepardo oil painting
lion oil painting
stregatto oil painting
boat oil painting
cappellaio matto oil painting
moon fases oil painting
jennyfer lawrance portrait oil color
Amy pound oil painting
dream catcher oil painting
qwerty fish oil painting
jessicarabbit fanart oil painting
futility snowflake oil painting


and some drawings through the years:

stich drawing
skull drawing
owl drawing

With a couple of paintings I entered an art contest for all kinds of high schools in the area and won second place. 

Then I stopped.

It’s always been the first thing I give up when I have something else going on. Why? ahah nice question.

During my last years of 'liceo scientifico' I decided to choose another path  and I moved to Milan to study at NABA (nuova accademia di belle arti) graphic design & art direction and after a year I felt the necessity to paint again, so I made “Prelude”, my first Inner Landscape. 

But then I stopped painting for another two years. Maybe the reason is that in order to paint my emotions I need time and peace of mind to be able to explore and process them. And the university I chose didn’t allow it.

A few days after my graduation the Covid-19 pandemic started, with its pros and cons. I started painting again and I made ‘Still, the second Inner Landscape. It represents a landscape in Iceland, in which every element seems to be in a state of stillness. But on the other hand, water is always moving. It looks frozen, lifeless, but it is full of life and potential energy. 


After struggling to find a job which was coherent with my studies, in 2021 I joined a telecommunication company as a graphic designer. Here I found enough peace of mind to dedicate time to myself. So I started my inner journey, in order to get to know myself better and build some awareness. During this time, I unlocked what I called ‘inner illustrations’, because I see them in the blackness inside my mind when I close my eyes. And with this came a different mean of expression: procreate on iPad. Simple black background, vivid colors. 


These are different parts of me expressing themselves: 

mind pt1 digital illustration
mind pt6 digital illustration
mind pt2 digital illustration
mind pt3 digital illustration
mind pt5 digital illustration
mind pt4 digital illustration

In the summer of 2022 I started the third Inner Landscape, will be completed in 2024. This time it is a fractal forest, a forest I painted just to walk through it and process feelings and events while expressing deep interest and love for Nature.


At the very moment, I’m starting a brand new journey, which I hope to share as soon as possible.

For now, this is a new version of self portrait.


Self Portrait
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