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Who are you? 

2019 - art direction and illustration

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Usually people describe themselves by their name, their looks, their body, even their job… but if you think about it, is that enough to understand who you really are?


You were born with one body, one gender, one name… but none of this was your choice. It is not uncommon for people to be uncomfortable with one or more of these things and to want to change them later in life. This is perfectly normal and acceptable, although it can sometimes be a long, painful process for a variety of reasons. So if you’ve always been comfortable with the body, gender and name you were born with, consider yourself lucky! 


However, there’s much more to a person than just that. The purpose of this little book is to make you think a little more about yourself, about who you really are aside from ‘uncontrollable’ factors and societal labels. 

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This journey is about identity. Who you really are beside your already given name and your unchosen body. So I decided to create a sort of spiritual journey through lots of naked body with no face but a label. All the bodies are painted in Photoshop, in order to make them ephemeral.

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